Dealing with change

Who really enjoys change?  Maybe you enjoy a change of scenery or you enjoy the change of seasons?  These are nice changes because you know they aren’t permanent and they are planned.

Unplanned changes usually aren’t enjoyable and are usually permanent (at least until the next change).  But change always happens!  There is nothing we can do to stop change but there are things we can do so change can be more enjoyable.

Once a change is made around you or you know you must make a change the best thing you can do is get ready for it and adapt to it as fast as possible.  This seems so hard at first, but really it will help you in the end be able to enjoy the new.

We have choices in everything that we do.  The same goes with change.  We can choose to react negatively towards change.  We can choose to ignore change.  We can choose to embrace change.

If you have ever went through a change at work you may know that ignoring the change will actually result in you changing employment!  Reacting negatively to change could also cause hardship in the workplace.

If you have noticed a change in your vision and you choose to ignore it, it could become worse.  If you react quickly to the change and visit your eye doctor it is possible that the change could be treated.

Sometimes a change may take a grieving period.  We have things and people in our lives that we enjoy (if we didn’t enjoy them, we’d make a change so they weren’t there).  So, when a change causes a person or thing to leave our life it can be hard and cause us to grieve.  That’s understandable and okay.  But the sooner you let go of the past the sooner you can enjoy the future.

The best thing to do when dealing with a difficult change, is talk to someone who has went through the change their self.  This could include a co-worker, support group or peer.  And think of the 10-10-10 rule… Will this change be hard in 10 days?  Will this change be hard in 10 months?  Will this change be hard in 10 years?  Focus on your future and the change will become the past.

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