blind man using cane

Employment-Related Services

Independent Living Specialists (ILS)

RCIL employs ILS who can assist consumers with achieving or maintaining their employment goals.  The ILS answers questions, provides resources, resolves problems, explains work incentives, and provides Information and Referral Services.

Orientation & Mobility Training for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

RCIL is a provider of certified orientation & mobility training services to assist consumers who are blind or visually impaired in increasing or maintaining skills to move independently, safely and purposefully in the community environment, work place and home.  These skills support independent living goals, employment skill development and employment stabilization.

Rehabilitation Teaching

RCIL has been a provider of Rehabilitation Teaching through Kansas Rehabilitation Services since 2012.  An O&M Specialist provides instruction and training to consumers who are blind or visually impaired designed to maximize the ability of the person to work independently.  In working with consumers, the O&M Specialist may identify support needs of the consumer, assist the consumer to become more aware of and connect with natural or community resources, and will be a mentor and promote the consumer’s ability to self-advocate and request reasonable accommodations when needed.