Thank you, Veterans!

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RCIL would like to thank all Veterans for their service.  Here are some family members and co-worker that RCIL would like to send an extra big thank you to!  (You can click on the pictures to see it enlarged, titles are underneath the photo)




We’re Thankful!

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Tomorrow is wonderful Turkey Day! YUM! Thanksgiving is a great time to rejoice in small victories and be thankful for small things that enter our lives. RCIL would like to share with you what some of our staff members are thankful for!

Chad Wilkins, Executive Director – “I’m thankful for all my fellow coworkers who have been achieving against the unimaginable odds.”

Tania Harrington, Director of Quality Assurance – “Family, friends, independence, choice, the ADA, the Rehab Act”

Beth Combes, Information and Outreach Coordinator – “I’m thankful for working with caring and positive people.”

Adam Burnett, Director of Core Services – “I’m thankful for every new day and to work at a place with such great people.”

Linda Morris, Independent Living Specialist – “Family and great co-workers”

Summer Ludwig, Targeted Case Manager – “I am thankful for the wonderful people I work with and the knowledge that the independent living movement is still alive and strong in Kansas.”

Andrea Hermreck, Targeted Case Manager – “I am thankful for my family, friends, health, job and life in general.”

As for myself I’m thankful for so many everyday items that get overlooked like running water, hot water, toilet paper, my own tooth brush and clothes.  I also am thankful for the many people in my life that motivate me and help me when needed such as family, co-workers, and friends.

Please feel free to post what you are thankful for this season and enjoy your holiday.

Thanks for the Hassle!

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I know it isn’t Thanksgiving anymore, but I was just thinking about eye health and it made me realize I take so many things for granted.  (I think about eye health a lot since studying to become an Orientation and Mobility Specialist.) Here is a list of every day hassles that I’m thankful for!

Eye doctor appointment… “I have to go to the eye doctor once a year, and he blows that air in my eye, I have to wear glasses and my contacts are so expensive”. Why can’t I just be happy that I have insurance that allows me to go to the eye doctor?  Or that my vision is correctable with contacts or glasses.

Getting a parking spot towards the back of the parking lot…  Shouldn’t I be thankful instead that I am able to walk to the door from this horrible spot instead of cussing out the jerk who took up two spots?

Elevator too full…  Again, shouldn’t I be thankful that I am able to take the stairs.  Yes, I may be out of breath when I get to the next floor but I made it.

Two cashiers in the whole store…  I should be thankful that I am able to stand in line and wait to pay for my items.

Dinner is late… Why am I not happy just to be able to eat a home cooked meal?  Or the fact that I was able to choose what I wanted for dinner.

Slow driver in front of me… I drive my car to work five days a week and I usually have at least one reason why it is a pain. Whether it is the slow driver in front of me, the school bus stopping to pick up kids, or just I’m running late I should still be thankful that I have a car that is reliable and that I have a job!

My mother always giving me advice… I feel like my mom is always telling me how I should live my life.  But shouldn’t I just be thankful that she cares?  Or that she is still alive to give me that advice?

Monthly loan payment… Shouldn’t I be thankful that I went to college instead of whining about the payment every month?

Shower water doesn’t stay cold… Shouldn’t I be thankful that I have a working shower and that the water is hot for at least a few minutes?

Potty training… My son is learning to use the potty and this can be messy and annoying at times.  But shouldn’t I be happy that he is starting to catch on, that he is able to communicate with me to let me know when he needs to go?

And I’m sure I could think of many more.  I know I’m still going to complain about some of these things (most likely the slow driver!) but on the other hand I think I’ll appreciate them much more.  What “hassles” are you thankful for?