Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Looking for Contestants

By Mandy Smith | January 18, 2023

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas is searching for women of achievement, who are wheelchair mobile, to serve as contestants in the Eighteenth Annual Ms. Wheelchair Kansas event. Contestants can be nominated by a person or group or can choose to participate in the program. The 2023 event will take place on March 17-19 at the DoubleTree Hotel in…

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Accessible Recreation Opportunities in Kansas

By Beth | June 4, 2021

The Kansas Disability and Health Program (KDHP) is compiling a list of accessible recreation opportunities across the state of Kansas.  The list is posted on their website at www.ihdps.ku/accessible-recreation-opportunties.  The list is organized alphabetically by county and within the list of counties, it is organized alphabetically by city or town.  The list includes accessible playgrounds,…

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RCIL Friends Group Updates!

By Beth | May 14, 2021

RCIL is excited to resume Friends group meetings in person again!  We will also continue to have the online Friends group meetings as well.  RCIL Friends are groups of individuals who all experience disability and meet monthly to address disability needs and issues in the community.  They also share information about disability related topics such…

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Accessible Recreation Survey

By Adam | November 19, 2020

The Kansas Disability and Health Program (DHP) is conducting a survey to collect information about accessible recreation and physical activity opportunities available to Kansans with all types of disabilities, including mobility, vision, hearing, intellectual and developmental. This information about programs, parks and sites will be compiled into a resource directory to be published on the…

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Get Paid to Workout!

By Adam | September 15, 2020

WOWii Recruitment Flyer (KU) Introducing a new WOWii program that is being implemented as part of the Kansas Disability & Health Program. This program is a 16-week online program focused on increasing physical activity for persons who have a mobility disability and use a wheelchair. Equipment and services are provided at no cost. There is…

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2019 Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Crowning Cermony

By Mandy Smith | February 22, 2019

The Ms. Wheelchair Kansas (MWKS) crowning ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2019, 2 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel in Lawrence, Kan. The ceremony will be open to the public and free of charge. It will include platform speech presentations by the contestants; a keynote speech from Ms. Wheelchair Missouri, Hilary Muehlberger; farewell from…

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Miss Australia has first contestant who uses a wheelchair

By Mandy Smith | February 27, 2017

Follow the link to CNN’s article on the first contestant to use a wheelchair enter in a world pageant! Justine Clark is helping break barrier for those with disabilities!    

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Trunk or Treat

By Mandy Smith | October 24, 2016

RCIL will be hosting a Trunk or Treat at its Osage City location on October 27th.  The event will be from 5:00pm-7:00pm in the parking lot of 1137 Laing in Osage City.  You can participate in two different ways: you may bring treats to hand out from your trunk or you may bring children dressed in costume to…

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Adaptive Training Foundation

By Mandy Smith | February 23, 2016

Here is a highlight video of Adaptive Training Foundation.  Visit their website for more information  

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Disability Pride Parade in New York

By Mandy Smith | July 14, 2015

Please follow the links below to read articles on the first New York City Disability Pride Parade!  

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Consumer Christmas Parties

By Mandy Smith | December 12, 2014

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are around the corner.  Everyone is busy preparing their delicious foods and buying gifts to give their family and friends.  Other annual events include the RCIL consumer Christmas parties! The Christmas parties are being held in-conjunction with the December RCIL Friends meetings.  There will be fun activities…

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Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team

By Mandy Smith | August 27, 2014

Who is always looking for something exciting to do on the weekends?  September 6th starting at 3:00pm in Manhattan you could enjoy watching the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team!  All games will be held at Kansas State University’s Tointon Stadium and admission is free.  The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) will be playing against Fort…

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It’s never easy to be different…but it’s always worth it!

By Mandy Smith | February 23, 2012

  When growing up it seems like kids always made fun of other kids who were “different” than “the norm.” Whether it was kids who: were overweight, dressed in different fashions, wore glasses, etc. Now that I’m a parent and my son is starting school and sports I worry not only about what kind of…

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