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RCIL is committed to working with individuals, families, and communities to promote independent living and individual choice to persons with disabilities. This page is designed to provide information to RCIL consumers and their Direct Support Workers.

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Required Background Checks and Prohibited Offenses

Background Check Requirements for all Direct Support Workers

The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services has notified all Financial Management Service (FMS) providers that all Direct Support Workers (new and existing) must undergo and pass certain background checks in order to be eligible to provide any Medicaid funded services, including, but not limited to, Personal Care Services, Enhanced Care Services, etc.

The following background checks will need to be completed:

  • Kansas Bureau of Investigations
  • Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services – Survey, Certification, and Credentialing Commission for Findings of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation
  • Driver’s License Records through the Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Department for Children and Families – Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (ANE) Central Registry
  • Department for Children and Families – Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
  • Kansas State Board of Nursing
  • Office of Inspector General

Newly hired DSWs with start dates after January 1, 2017 cannot work until all background checks have been returned and the State of Kansas has determined that the DSW applicant is eligible to provide Home and Community Based Services.  Please be aware that it has been taking some of the background checks up to three weeks or more to be completed.

Please complete the following forms in their entirety. Incomplete forms will slow the hiring process.

Please note – This background check policy is in the Kansas’ Medicaid Waiver program approved by the US Federal Agency “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services”. This is not RCIL’s policy.  All FMS providers are required to conduct the same background checks.  Also, RCIL will not determine an individual’s eligibility.  Eligibility is determined by the state agency providing the background check.

Cost – The State of Kansas is not reimbursing FMS providers for the cost of the background checks. Please enclose a money order or cashier’s check pay to the order of RCIL in the amount of $25.00 to cover the cost of the background checks.  You may call RCIL at 1-800-580-7245 or click “Background Check Payment” below to pay by credit card.  Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.  Payment for the background checks must be received before the checks are conducted.

Background Check Payment Option (with credit card)

*Consumer Name:

Statute Numbers 21-5301, 21-5302, 21-5401 through 21-5431, 21-5502 through 21-5513, 21-5601 through 21-5609, 21-5703 through 21-5710, 21-5713 through 21-5716, 21-6104, 21-6325, 21-6326, 21-6401, 21-6418 through 21-6421: Prohibited Offenses

Below is the list of prohibited offenses. This list of prohibited offenses is subject to modification by the Kansas Legislature. Convictions of the following crimes prohibit an individual from working as a Direct Support Worker.

Abandonment of a child
Abuse of a child
Aggravated abandonment of a child
Aggravated human trafficking
Aggravated incest
Aggravated indecent liberties with a child
Aggravated indecent solicitation of a child
Aggravated kidnapping
Aggravated robbery
Any violation of Kansas Medicaid Fraud Control Act
Assisting suicide
Capital murder
Commercial sexual exploitation of a child
Criminal non-support
Criminal threat
Criminal use of a financial card
Distribution of a controlled substance causing great bodily harm or death
Electronic solicitation
Exposing another to a life threating communicable disease
Female genital mutilation
Furtherance of terrorism or illegal use of weapons of mass destruction
Human trafficking
Identity theft, identity fraud
Illegal use of weapons of mass destruction
Indecent liberties with a child
Indecent solicitation of a child
Involuntary manslaughter
Making false claim, statement or representation to the Medicaid program
Murder in the first degree
Murder in the second degree
Obstruction of a Medicaid fraud investigation
Promoting the sale of sexual relations
Sexual exploitation of a child
Unlawful acts involving proceeds derived from violations of 21-571 through 21-5717
Unlawful acts relating to the Medicaid program
Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances
Unlawful distribution of certain drug precursors and drug paraphernalia
Unlawful distribution or possession of a simulated controlled substance
Unlawful manufacture, distribution, cultivation or possession of controlled substances using a communication facility
Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances
Unlawful obtainment or sale of a prescription-only drug
Unlawful possession of controlled substances
Unlawful representation that a non-controlled substance is a controlled substance
Unlawful sexual relations
Unlawful voluntary sexual relations
Unlawfully obtaining or selling a prescription only drug
Vehicular homicide
Violation of a protective order extended protective orders, penalties
Voluntary manslaughter

Criminal restrain
Interference with custody of a committed person
Permitting a dangerous animal to be at large
Mistreatment of a confined person
Selling sexual relations
Unlawful administration of a substance
Unlawful disclosure of tax information
Unlawful interference with a firefighter
Unlawful interference with an emergency medical services attendant
Unlawfully hosting minors consuming alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage
Vehicular homicide

Both Felony and Misdemeanor
Aggravated assault
Aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer
Aggravated battery
Aggravated criminal sodomy
Aggravated interference with parental custody
Aggravated sexual battery
Assault of a law enforcement officer
Battery against certain person
Burying sexual relations
Contributing to a child’s misconduct
Criminal sodomy
Criminal solicitation to commit a prohibited offense
Cruelty to animals
Endangering a child: aggravated endangering a child
Furnishing alcoholic beverage to a minor of illicit purposes
Furnishing alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to a minor
Interference with custody of a committed person
Interference with parental custody
Lewd and lascivious behavior
Mistreatment of a confined person
Mistreatment of an elder person
Promoting obscenity or promoting obscenity to minors
Promoting obscenity to minors
Promoting obscenity
Sexual battery
Social welfare fraud
Unlawful administration of a substance

Length of Prohibition Subject to Underlying offense: Attempt; Conspiracy

Definition Only- Application of certain crimes to an unborn child; Evidence of complaining witness’ previous sexual conduct in prosecutions for certain offenses; motions; notice

Prohibited Offenses Updated as of July 2018 (complete list with statue number)

Clint Obligation Payment Option  (with credit card)

*Consumer Name: