Information and Referral

Information & Referral Team Receives Certification

By Beth | April 18, 2019

RCIL Information and Referral Team received their certification as a Community Resource Specialist through the Alliance for Information and Referral System (AIRS).  This credential demonstrates their ability to work directly with consumers either via phone, e-mail, or in-person to provide mediated information and referral systems navigation.  This certification is very valuable for RCIL because RCIL…

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KanCare HCBS Waiver Integration Information and Comment Tour

By Mandy Smith | October 29, 2015

KDADS is hosting a “KanCare HCBS Waiver Integration Information and Comment Tour” and are encouraging consumers and their families to attend.  All locations will feature meetings at 1:30pm-3:30pm for providers and 5:30pm-7:30pm for consumers and families. Topeka Tuesday, Nov. 10th Capitol Plaza Hotel 1717 SW Topeka Blvd Wichita Thursday, Nov. 12th Doubletree Wichita Airport 2098…

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KanCare/Medicaid Members: Stay with your current provider (Sunflower, Amerigroup or United) or switch to one of the other two?

By Mandy Smith | December 20, 2013

Open enrollment for KanCare is underway. If you joined KanCare in January 2013, your open enrollment for plan year 2014 began this month, with changes going into effect Jan. 1, 2014. Open enrollment packets have been mailed out to these members. For members who joined KanCare after January 2013, your open enrollment packets will be…

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iKan-RCIL Older Blind Project

By Mandy Smith | April 23, 2013

RCIL was awarded part of the grant from Kansas Rehabilitation and Services (KRS) to serve individuals who are 55 years and older and are blind or have low vision.  RCIL has been serving this population since August of 2010 with the PILR/RCIL/SKIL consortium that was also funded by a grant from KRS.  This time, however,…

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KanCare Health Plan Informational Meetings

By Mandy Smith | November 7, 2012

 Learn more about choosing the KanCare health plan that is right for you and your family.  Medicaid participants are encouraged to attend a meeting where they will be provided information to choose your KanCare plan.  If you have questions, please call 1-866-305-5147. If you require special assistance for a meeting (like a translator or hand…

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Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS)

By Mandy Smith | August 20, 2012

The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) invites you to attend one of the following informational sessions for people receiving services, family members/friends, providers, advocacy groups and others interested in the disability, aging, mental health and substance use disorder services we administer.  The purposes of these sessions are to provide updates and information…

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Important 2012 Election Advance Voting Dates

By Mandy Smith | August 13, 2012

DATE DESCRIPTION Tuesday, October 16 Last day to register to vote in general election Wednesday, October 17 Advance voting begins for general election Friday, November 2 Deadline for voters to apply for advance voting ballots to be mailed Monday, November 5 Noon deadline to cast advance voting ballots in person in office of County Election…

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Protect more than yourself in this heat

By Mandy Smith | August 3, 2012

  Humans and pets are not the only things that shouldn’t be in excessive heat.  Neither should power chairs and scooters.  Power chairs and scooters have batteries and electronics that can lose their charge in excessive heat (or excessive cold for that matter).  When a chair or scooter loses power like this, people tend to…

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New Website Offers Information and Support for Adults with Vision Loss

By Mandy Smith | July 23, 2012

From AFB eNews Are you or a family member having difficulty seeing? Or perhaps been diagnosed with an eye condition such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone: vision problems affect 25 million Americans, and that number is on the rise. To support this growing community,…

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Emergency Preparedness

By Beth | April 18, 2012

An emergency or disaster can happen at any time. Do you have a plan in place to help you keep in touch with your family and friends? What about some of basic essentials like food, water, electricity or even telephones? While each person’s abilities and needs are unique, every individual can take steps to prepare…

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Are You Ready to File Your Taxes?

By Beth | December 10, 2011

  Starting January 1, 2012 everyone will be busy filing their 2011 Income taxes, Homestead tax refund, and/or Food Sales tax refund. The deadline to file is April 17, 2012.  Independent Living Specialists (ILS) at RCIL will be available to teach consumers that are interested to learn how to file their Homestead tax refund and…

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Safe Winter Heating

By Mandy Smith | November 28, 2011

  Temperatures are dropping as winter creeps closer so I thought a timely topic would be home heating safety. The rising cost of gas has left many people using other methods of heating their homes. Fireplaces, wood burning stoves, gas or electric space-heaters are among the most popular alternatives to furnace heating. Each of these…

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Happy Halloween!!

By Mandy Smith | October 31, 2011

The Resource Center for Independent Living would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween. Across the country emergency preparedness organizations within local governments and other agencies have embraced the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse as a fun way to get folks to tune into the necessity of being ready to face…

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Advocacy Alert! April 28th

By Mandy Smith | April 27, 2011

Tomorrow April 28th, the Resource Center for Independent Living will unite at the Kansas Statehouse with Kansans for Quality Communities members to urge our Legislators to do what’s right for Kansans. You can read about this Action on the Kansas Health Institute site here. We will be spreading the “Save Our State” message which has…

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Centers for Independent Living

By Mandy Smith | December 29, 2010

This blog entry was adapted from information provided by the Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas (SILCK) RCIL is one of 13 Centers for Independent Living (CIL) in Kansas. The expenditure for CILs across the state is approximately $2.7M federal and state funds. For over 30 years, CILs have helped thousands of Kansans with disabilities…

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Independent Living in Kansas

By Mandy Smith | November 23, 2010

As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), RCIL is committed to working with Kansans with disabilities to enable them to live independently in their homes and communities. But what exactly does that mean? In Kansas, Centers for Independent Living are tasked with providing 5 core services. They are Information and Referral, Peer Counseling, Independent Living…

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