Success! Persistence and Self-Advocacy Increases Financial Stability for Consumer

Posted November 7, 2022 by Beth in

A consumer learned that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied his Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.  He contacted RCIL for assistance to understand why and to get his benefits back.  He discussed his issues with an Independent Living Specialist (ILS) and they developed a plan.  They called SSA and the consumer learned that they denied his benefits because he didn’t follow through their renewal process.  The consumer disagreed and requested to file for an appeal because he didn’t receive any notification about it.  He received the appeal paperwork and filed it.  He followed up with SSA by phone every few weeks for an update.  Meanwhile, he learned he couldn’t get his medications at his pharmacy because his Medicare insurance was denied since he was no longer receiving SSDI benefits.  He called the KanCare Clearinghouse and updated his insurance information.  He was able to get his KanCare insurance to be his primary insurance and he was able to get his medications at the pharmacy. 

After several months of following up with SSA and providing them information, the consumer received an approval letter from SSA.  He was excited to tell his ILS that he has his SSDI benefits back and it will help pay his monthly bills. 


Beth has been with RCIL since 2007 and is the Information and Outreach Coordinator in our Osage City office. She takes information and referral calls and represents RCIL through community outreach.

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