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Independent Living Specialist, Macy, assisted a consumer in getting her bathroom remodeled.  The consumer was having a difficult time getting into her bathroom because the doorway was too narrow for her wheelchair.  The consumer explained, “I was hurting myself by falling in the bathroom without my wheelchair and not making it to the toilet in time.”  Macy helped consumer develop a plan on making the bathroom accessible.  While making a plan, Macy told the consumer about the assistive services funds.  The consumer didn’t know the funds existed and she was interested to apply.  Through the process, Macy coached her on self-advocacy skills.  The consumer used the skills and talked to her Managed Care Organization (MCO) about the funds.  She felt they were not taking her situation very seriously in which the project took longer than she would have liked.  The consumer started calling them on a regular basis and shortly thereafter her project was finished.  The consumer had her bathroom doorway widened for her wheelchair to get through and a barn door installed.  She also had her closet removed from her bedroom to gain more floor space in the bathroom to maneuver with her wheelchair.  A taller toilet and two grab bars were also installed. 

The consumer told Macy she learned that the MCO had the funds and that sometimes you have to call a lot to get the things you need.  She stated since her bathroom was remodeled, she is now able to get into her bathroom with her wheelchair without hurting herself and not having to worry about making it to the toilet in time.


Beth has been with RCIL since 2007 and is the Information and Outreach Coordinator in our Osage City office. She takes information and referral calls and represents RCIL through community outreach.

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