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RCIL Independent Living Specialist (ILS), Macy Collins, assisted Charla in obtaining a power chair carrier for her vehicle.  She had a carrier at one time, but it was stolen off her car.  Macy taught her the different funding organizations and resources available, how to request use of her assistive technology funds through her Managed Care Organization (MCO), and how to explain the third party funding reimbursement process to vendors.  Macy assisted Charla with completing funding applications with Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation and Friends of Man.  She was awarded $1,700 of the $2,800 needed.  Macy then encouraged Charla to advocate with her MCO.  Macy also taught her about the $7,500 in funds a person on the Home and Community Based Services Physical Disability waiver can use for assistive technology, so she would have the information going into the conversation with MCO.  Charla, with support and encouragement from Macy, called her MCO multiple times to show the seriousness of the need in her life.  The MCO finally agreed to cover the rest of the cost.  Charla stated that she learned getting funding help is a lot of paperwork, but that she knows more about getting things funded and how to speak up for her needs.  She also now knows vendors such as Kansas Truck Mobility whom worked with her in the Wichita area.  Finally, she stated that she will now be able to go shopping and to her daughter’s events.  She added “I’ll just be able to get out! Freedom!”


Beth has been with RCIL since 2007 and is the Information and Outreach Coordinator in our Osage City office. She takes information and referral calls and represents RCIL through community outreach.

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