SAVE THE DATE! Kansas Disability Caucus

Posted March 16, 2022 by Adam in ,

< Caucus 2022 logo on the left side of the card… it is the focal point of the card and says "Together We Rise. United in Action." Full description of the logo below: Two hands clasped together in the air. One has brown skin and the other has tan skin. "Together We Rise" is written along the wrist and hand of one person in a bold curved font (the letters are tan with black shadow). "United in Action" is written along the inner wrist of the other hand in the same bold font (the letters are brown with tan shadow). There is a box around the hands with brown skinny outline. The background is a sunrise coming up from the bottom with rays of light coming out from the sun that go from yellow to orange. >

August 10-12th in Topeka

Join other Kansans with disabilities to come together and share challenges, barriers, ideas, and solutions at the Disability Caucus.

More details coming soon…


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