Self Direction Training

On Thursday August 26 we held a Self Direction Tool Kit Training in Topeka for our consumers and personal care attendants (PCAs). The training was a full day of empowerment, useful tips for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing PCAs, Independent Living Philosophy, and group discussions on all of the above. Thank you to everyone that helped organize, plan, and present the training as well as to all of our consumers and PCAs that attended.

Self Direction is a very important part of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers in Kansas. It allows consumers to choose, manage, and terminate their own personal care workers. In this way people with disabilities are given true freedom regarding the people providing their care, how that care is scheduled within their service plan, and how the job of the personal care attendant is completed.

Self Direction is a big responsibility and at times can be very daunting for consumers and PCAs alike. The Self Direction Tool Kit is a state supplied handbook to assist consumers. Our training focused on the areas that we felt were imperative to self directing. By coming together as a group in a relaxed atmosphere we were all able to learn more about the process, what worked for others, and resources within our communities.

If you are a consumer (or family member of someone) receiving services through an HCBS waiver or you are a Personal Care Attendant and you have questions about Self Directing or would like more information regarding the Self Direction Tool Kit, please call your Targeted Case Manager or our main office number at 1-800-580-7245 toll free.

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