New Day Chance for Better

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I’ve been told I can be a perfectionist.  I’m definitely not a perfectionist about everything in my life especially not with housework, my car, or basically anything with cleaning!  But I am a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of my work whether school work or my career.  I guess I always assumed this was a bad thing.  I should not strive to be perfect because there is no such thing… Right?  Every day when I submit something to my supervisor or my professor I think, “Man, I should have turned that in sooner.” “I should have proof read that better.” “I should have…”  I always feel like I could have done something to make it better.

Then I found a blog that makes me feel a little bit more… well, normal!  Jeff Haden posted a blog on the 9 Hidden Qualities of Remarkable Bosses.  And though I am far from being a “boss” I do worry about how my work reflexes my co-workers and my supervisors.  I want them to be proud of my work and I want others to want to work with me.

This is one of the qualities Haden said remarkable bosses have:  “They always go home feeling they could have done better.
Leadership is like a smorgasbord of insecurity. Bosses worry about employees and customers and results. You name it, they worry about it.
That’s why remarkable bosses go home every day feeling they could have done things a little better or smarter. They wish they had treated employees with a little more sensitivity or empathy.
Most importantly, they always go home feeling they could have done more to fulfill the trust their employees place in them.
And that’s why, although you can’t see it, when they walk in the door every day remarkable bosses make a silent commitment to do their jobs even better than they did yesterday.
And then they do”

I find this, in itself remarkable to think about.  Could you imagine how great a place could become if each employee walked in the door every morning, thinking “I’m going to do my job better than I did it yesterday.”

Thinking of it this way, I don’t have to be perfect, but I can always grow and be better than I was yesterday!

If you are interested in reading Haden’s blog: