Please join us for an informative session on Self-Directing your Home and Community Based Services. Topics will include information on:

  • How to Recruit, Select, Interview, Hire, Train, Supervise and Dismiss Direct Support Workers (DSWs)
  • Understanding Enhanced Care Services (Sleep Cycle Support)
  • KS AuthentiCare (the Electronic Visit Verification Call In System)
  • Having a Backup Plan (of DSWs)
  • Medicaid Fraud
  • Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Snacks Provided
Drawings will be held for prizes!
Friday, October 11, 2019
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Bourbon County Senior Center
26 N Main St, Fort Scott

Space is limited! Please call Mandy Kline or Becky Brewer at 1-800-580-7245 to reserve your spot!








We have written a lot on this blog about the change to the Financial Management Services (FMS) change in Home and Community Based Services and the implementation of Kansas AuthentiCare. This change resulted in a massive overhaul of our Payroll Department and the staff members that work in Payroll have been inundated with new duties.

One of our Payroll staff members, Lisa Cantrell, offers us a glimpse into a day in payroll. I promise that by the time you read it, you will be ready for a nap.

What does Payroll do?

Payroll makes sure the workers are not going over the plan of care, that their hand written in/out times total correctly daily, weekly, and semi-monthly and that the consumer and worker has signed the time sheet daily. We also check to make sure they are performing the duties that were assigned by the targeted case manager.

After getting the time sheets approved, we have to cross reference the numbers of hours being paid to the number of hours being billed. We then have to bill Medicaid, go back and make adjustments for old time sheets turned in, and send out the checks (again double checked for accuracy).

We also have to send out client obligation invoices to those people that are to pay a portion of their care. Once that is all complete, we have other programs that need to be hand billed directly, workers packets to check over before the worker can be hired, and time sheets to send out.

We take calls from SRS, the Housing Authority, and workers needing their weekly and semi-weekly gross incomes. We send out periodic statements to apartment complexes needing to know what people have paid in on their client obligations after getting a release of information statement from the consumer.

Payroll is also responsible for third-party billing for those consumers who have Medicaid in conjunction with another insurance provider. We have to bill them, wait for a denial and then submit the denial before we can be reimbursed. This process required four steps during the month before KS Authenticare. It now requires up to 62 processing steps to achieve the same results.

All of this is accomplished while there are literally hundreds of phone calls coming into Payroll from consumers and Direct Support Workers who have had trouble with the KS AuthentiCare/EVV system, who have forgotten to clock in our out, or who need some other assistance.

Thank you

We want to extend a huge “Thank You” to our Payroll staff for their tireless work to keep things running smoothly, Direct Support Workers paid on time, and acting as the first line in detecting any billing issues. They are truly the backbone of our Home and Community Based Services provision and we are lucky to have the best team out there.

From now through Thursday February 16th, we need the disability community to contact each member of the House Social Services Budget Committee. A complete list of names and contact information is available here.

As they are working on budget issues we need to make sure they know the importance of funding the Home and Community Based services Physically Disabled waiting list and to restore the Financial Management Services(FMS) rate back to $140.

For a great write up on these issues please check out KHI’s story about the hardships facing Centers for Independent Living and the disability community in Kansas.

Shannon Jones assembled the following handouts to use in making your contacts with the Legislators.

Some of the talking points for funding the waiting list are:

  • As of February 1, 2012 there are 3,433 persons waiting for HCBS/PD services.
  • 30 persons died while waiting during the month of Jan. 2012
  • 10 persons entered a nursing facility during the month of Jan. 2012.
  • The last person offered PD Services had been waiting for 3 years!
  • Since 2010, 1,200 persons have come off of the PD Waiver, yet no one is coming off the waiting list.
  • Approximately $33 million (State funds) would fund HCBS waiver services for those waiting.

Some of the talking points for increasing the FMS rate are:

  • Last fall, Providers were notified of the $115 reduced rate with no justification and no opportunity for discussion.
  • Providers are asking for a fair rate for services delivered.
  • CILs anticipate additional layoffs associated with the FMS, which will amount to roughly a 25% reduction in agency staffing, the majority of which are people with disabilities.

Once you have made contact with each Legislator on the House Social Services Budget Committee, please email me any responses that you receive so we can track and amend our message as needed.

The State of Kansas has delayed the start of the KS Authenticare (also known as electronic visit verification or EVV) for “Personal Services” through the PD and TBI waivers.

We will notify you with the new start date as soon as we receive it from the state. EVV for “Sleep Cycle Support” will start on January 9, 2012.

RCIL’s conversion to weekly payroll will continue as planned. Time worked between January 1 – January 7 is due by the end of business on January 9 and every Monday thereafter. Any timesheets received after Monday will be processed with the next week’s payroll. For example, if you turn in a timesheet for Jan. 1- 7 on Jan. 9, you will get paid on Jan.20. If timesheets are received after Jan. 9, the earliest pay date would be Jan. 27.

Questions? Call the RCIL payroll help desk between the hours of
8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday at 1-877-929-7655 and select option #2 to speak to an EVV Specialist.

KS Authenticare (EVV) will start on January 9th for all other waivered services (FE, TA, DD) and sleep cycle support for the PD and TBI waivers.

KS AuthentiCare/EVV Implementation Update

Categorized: Programs and Services, RCIL Updates

In a reversal of the previous decision to delay Kansas AuthentiCare/EVV implementation, the latest word from KDOA/SRS is that EVV will be implemented as originally planned on 1/9/2012. We will strive to keep you updated if there are further changes. Please check our website to stay informed.



It was just announced (the evening of 12/29) that KDOA and SRS have decided to delay the implementation of Kansas AuthentiCare/EVV until 6:00am January 16th, 2012. This change is to allow more time for providers, consumers, and Direct Support Workers to prepare for the transition. Please check out our EVV page for more information regarding Kansas AuthentiCare/EVV.


KDOA and SRS announced on the evening of  Dec. 29th they have decided to change the launch date for Kansas AuthentiCare/EVV to January 16, 2012 at 6:00am

The new year is bringing with it new procedures for our consumers who are on Home and Community-Based Services. The state is replacing the current paper time and attendant worksheet (timesheets) with an electronic verification and monitoring system known as Kansas AuthentiCare (also known as EVV).

KS AuthentiCare is a requirement for all Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) consumers and Direct Support Workers (DSWs). On January 9th, 2012 your DSW will be required to start using the new telephone system. Please make certain that RCIL, or your FMS provider, has your correct telephone and/or cellphone number.

On January 9th, 2012 (or the first visit after January 9th) there are important things for you to remember:

  1. When your DSW arrives at your home they need to check in each day by calling 1-800-903-4676 from your home telephone or cellphone (See enclosed check -in/check -out instructions). The DSW will need to select from the list of services available (Service Codes included with this letter).
  2. Before your DSWs leave your home they need to check out each day by calling 1-800-903-4676. They will need to enter the activity code of the services performed (Activity codes included with this letter).
  3. Your DSWs need to complete paper timesheets for January 1, 2012 to January 8, 2012 and send to the Osage City office. This will be their last paper timesheet.

To help you prepare for this transition, the Resource Center for Independent Living will have training calls from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on January 3rd, 4th, and 5th. You are welcome to call in and listen to the trainings by conference call. Please pick a day that works best for you.

  • Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
  • Participant access code: 324384

As part of this change we will be moving from semi-monthly to weekly payroll. RCIL has a longstanding history of providing superior customer service and superb payroll services. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and support you in self-directing your services. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the payroll help desk at 1-785-528-5045 and ask to speak to an EVV Specialist.