On Tuesday, August 22nd an Action Alert went out to over 14,000 people asking people to take 30 seconds to fill out a form to ask their legislators to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act.

Of all the people from KS, 4 responded to this alert and of those who responded, 2 were from your District KS-02. That means your Senators received 4 messages urging them to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act and your Representative received 2 messages.

If you haven’t already done the alert, just take 30 seconds to click this link and fill in the boxes! Once you hit submit, the messages will be sent to your legislators urging them to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act! Click here: http://goo.gl/c4hMsH

If you did complete the action alert, you can still help! Put the link or your social media or email it to 5 friends! We need more people to urge their legislators to cosponsor this important bill! We know this bill is important to you, so please tell your friends and family about the Disability Integration Act and ask them to reach out to their legislators by completing this action alert!

Living in the community is a human and civil right that disabled people have been denied for too long! Together we can end the forcible institutionalization of people with disabilities!