“Got Photo ID?”

Kansas has recently changed its law about requiring an ID in order to vote.  (You may have seen a commercial lately about it.)  DO NOT let this stop you from voting! First off, a registered voter who does not possess any of the valid ID documents may obtain a FREE nondriver’s ID from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Valid forms of ID include: driver’s license, nondriver identification card, concealed carry of handgun license, U.S. passport, U.S. military identification, student ID from accredited postsecondary institution, identification card issued by an Indian tribe, public assistance ID or employee badge issued by a municipal, county, state or federal government office.  Also, persons over the age of 65 may use an expired photo ID document.

Individuals who have “a permanent disability or an illness which has been diagnosed as a permanent illness” may apply for permanent advance voting.  These individuals have their ballot mailed to their home every election and are exempted from the photographic identification requirements.

In order to receive the free nondriver’s ID, a person must be a registered voter, and not own any photographic ID documents.  The person must also have proof of their residence and identify (so, a piece of mail and birth that certificate.)  If a person doesn’t have a birth certificate, they can obtain a free one.

If you have any questions regarding a valid ID, obtaining a free ID, obtaining a birth certificate, or permant advanced voting contact the Secretary of State’s office at http://www.kssos.org/ or (785) 296-4564.

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